Even after we've finally managed to completely eradicate this awful, awful tag from the question pool, people still continue to add it to new questions. Almost every day I see it reappear. It just won't die.

Since moderators can't access the blacklist, I'm appealing to the developers; it may not technically be a meta-tag but it is far, far worse in its implications. It's in the same category as the [code] tag on Stack Overflow or an [english] tag on ELU. It describes almost every question on the site... in fact, it describes almost every question on almost every site!

I think this problem is persistent enough to warrant a genuine nuke-from-orbit. Can we please add our first tag ever to the Seasoned Advice blacklist?

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Ok done -- added to the tag blacklist.

Note that blacklist entries that don't get matches are automatically culled after about 6 months. So it is possible for it to recur unless it's actively matching.

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