Byte Commander

Hey there, I'm ByteCommander, or just Byte for short.

I'm a young IT student from Germany and work in the web/e-commerce industry, leaning towards backend and devops sectors, but I know a bit of most things across the stack. I'm a fan of Linux, especially Ubuntu, as well as Python. I'm also quite good with Bash and Java, and have basic or average knowledge of many other languages.

You can easily contact me in the Ask Ubuntu General Room most of the time, or on Discord as @ByteCommander#2800.

I'd also love to invite you to my Ubuntu Hideout Discord Server btw.

PS: My profile picture is derived from "Wolf Tribals" by user HaskDitex (DeviantArt.com), which is under creative Commons 3.0 License.
Currently I'm using the character "Dregg Morriss" from the game "Medieval Cop" by Vasant Jahav ("Gemini Gamer"). It can be found here.