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An old Gringo who likes to cook. Discovered my passion for it about 6 years ago and have not looked back. I enjoy cooking outdoors – which is why I moved home to Tucson a few years back. My 25 years in the southeast has influenced my palate so I have gotten pretty good at slow cooking / smoking pork, poultry and beef. That said, I have also delved into more modern cooking methods such as sous vide.

My mantra is “discover what you enjoy and learn to do it well.” I enjoy eating and I enjoy cooking so I'm here to learn from what appears to be people who know much more about this cooking thing than I do. I hope to share my experience as well.

I publish a monthly print magazine in Tucson and enjoy the climate here very much. I cook in a small commercial kitchen on Sunday's feeding up to 300 hungry homeless souls. I was in the Air Force for many years too. Now you know more about me. Thanks for reading.

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