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About Me

I’m a fortysomething dad and tech professional living in the Austin, TX area.

Gaming Me: I started gaming way back in the day, 1982, with the TSR space opera game Star Frontiers. Since then I've been an avid roleplayer. I went to 5 Gen Cons, was a regional Triad for the RPGA's Living Greyhawk campaign, and helped start a gaming club (the FORGE) in Memphis, TN. I GM and play a variety of RPGs; currently Pathfinder is in heavy rotation as well as various non-D&D-based games in our active group. My gaming blog is at

Professional Me: I'm a tech industry engineering manager with 25 years of experience ranging from enterprises to startups. I don't advertise my real identity on this profile because people on social media are raving psychos.

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