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Late answers with little to no new information
Accepted answer
6 votes

I've seen other reviewers add comments to the effect that the new answer has not added any value. I don't think that it is wrong to point this out. Something along these lines ought to fit the bill, ...

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Could we have guided/automatic image resizing?
2 votes

I'm particularly fond of the third suggestion: make "m" the default size. I'm not sure if this is unique to mobile Firefox, or to my Galaxy S4, but I invariably have to change the image size in ...

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Should we merge these two microwave convection questions?
1 votes

I prefer the content of the older question, which is more to the point and not about a specific model of oven. And I prefer the title of the newer question which subsumes that of the older. If the ...

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What custom close reasons might we want?
0 votes

Picking and choosing between the options already presented, recipe request While we allow some questions related to recipe modification or "repair", this question is worded as a broad ...

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