These ads have been reported and the possible funnel closed. OpenX was contacted and they have addressed the issue. Please let me know if you see them again.


We'd theorized that links taste better when blue, a subtle effect caused by a mental association with fake blueberry flavorings. But we were wrong. Instead, we got a pungent cyanobacteria aroma. The original link color has been restored. Details on Meta Stack Exchange


Suggested text for the new off topic reason. Questions of the form "What can I do with [ingredient]" are off-topic because they are subjective and lead to a long list of suggestions without a way to select the one that "works". This is not compatible with Stack Exchange principles. Exceptions are made for ingredients not normally considered food. For ...


Done, merged all into mortar-and-pestle and created syns.


All set. Going forward, cooking will be blocked as intrinsic and recipe will be blocked all around.


Alas, that was not intentional but rather an oversight on my part. Should be fixed now.


That's just how it's always looked when you make a link on an image. The dotted line is the same as for text links, except for some reason displaced a line below the image. I agree it doesn't look great, and I'd love if they fixed it, but it's not a total accident.


This should be addressed now by the Bigger, Blacker Bar.

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