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There has been a tag called whipper for a very long time, although it only has 21 questions, so maybe it was difficult to find. We now also have a tag called whipping-siphon, which should come up in searches using the word "siphon" only, and I made whipper a synonym of it.


Broad definition Cooks are not electricians. They will likely know how a piece of equipment will behave under typical use, but they cannot predict the risks of atypical use. Also, they may frequently hold popular opinions about safety which differ from those of specialists, for example using a mixer that is plugged into daisy-chained electric cords and ...


Narrow definition Currently, the community tends to close questions about damaged electrical equipment, since that would need an electrician to look at the specific piece of equipment before labeling it safe. But when a piece of equipment is working properly, a cook can be expected to know how to use it safely. So the change to scope should exclude exactly ...


This sounds like a reasonable idea. Before we proceed, I would like us to make sure that we are on the same page about what we are declaring out of scope, as this will guide future closure behavior, including mod-hammering. I took a look at our current state of the tag microwave. The top questions seem to revolve around the safety of food being cooked in ...

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