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I believe these questions should be considered off-topic if the gist of the plant identification question is "is this edible?". Because we're food specialists and not necessarily plant specialists, it's completely possible for us to miss-identify something as "edible" that is not. As in the question, it's possible that it's a perfectly ...


Cooking.Stackexchange may look at first glance like a discussion board, but it is structured differently. Its main principle is that the question and its answers should be useful not only to the asker, but also for everybody else who stumbles on it. To do this, we expect our content to have a very specific structure, different from what you might be ...


I would like to point out something which is not explicitely mentioned in this answer, but which has been the way we have used this policy over the past years. Sam Holder's answer mentions that we don't cover ingredients which are so common that you can easily find recipes for them. We define this as being common somewhere in the world, as opposed to "in ...


I order boxes of vegetables from a local farm, and they often include asian greens and other vegetables that I have a hard time identifying, so I think identification questions of plants known to be edible should be allowed.

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