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The beauty of generic questions is also their Achilles heel - they are generic. In some cases, a generic Q/A serves as catch-all for what is repeatedly asked, especially by new users that don’t research before posting. We all know the “I left [perishable item] in [someplace warmer than a fridge] for [random time]” questions and closing them as duplicate not ...


My perspective is that if it boils down to the same question, it is a duplicate.


We ended up discussing this on the question I linked. Consensus is: close the old poor answer as a duplicate. Leaving this here for posterity.


A little later in answering this, but as someone who has answered a lot of food safety questions on this site and who has spent a lot of time reading detailed scientific sources on food safety in the process of writing answers, I can conclusively say a few things: Most people's intuition about food safety is wrong in many cases. They may be right in most ...

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