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it is done and my answer is 30 characters


I'm the moderator who handled your flag about this. I've had another look, but my conclusion is the same as what I replied to your flag: I see no evidence of abuse here. First, see the detailed description of the bounty system. It's designed to fairly directly avoid abuse. Most notably: the entire point of the bounty system is to draw attention to the ...


Yes! Please answer your own question! That is encouraged behavior on Stack Exchange. There are all kinds of reasons you might choose to answer your own question, and it's perfectly OK to do so.


The answer wasn't "destroyed". It was converted into a comment on the question, which is appropriate: it was trying to clarify the question, not provide an answer. You're welcome to go one step further and edit that information into the question, so it's even more obvious to readers. I suspect the author would've posted it as a comment in the first place if ...


I am certain there was no malice in this action. I know the moderators on this site well and they have always acted in the best interest of the participants here. It is true that we prevent users with under 50 reputation from commenting, leaving them little choice but to write answers. Fortunately, our moderators have an option to convert an answer into a ...


I'm under the impression that any and all edits for spelling, format, and style are accepted and encouraged (with the exception of swapping between acceptable UK-US variants). You're likely seeing some combination of people hunting for their editing badges or just being a little particular. related:

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