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A suspension is never issued casually or without prior warning. A suspension is a sanction for misbehavior. Trying to circumvent such a suspension can and will have consequences, up to and including deletion of the account. Suspension means, amongst other things, not being allowed to participate fully (or to the extent that the archived reputation points ...


The chat link in the sidebar isn't always present on main. I think it's always there on meta, though. But in any case, there is always a link to chat in the top left menu:


I disagree about meta: help > "discuss the workings and policies of this site" is a lot more discoverable for new users than "meta" (what is that?!). Yes, it takes one more click, but I think you're drastically overreacting based on how you're used to getting to it. On the other hand, chat is indeed less discoverable, unless the RHS ad for it is showing up. ...

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