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Do we want to answer individual "how much alcohol is left in this dish" questions?

I think the old question is very good, and very general. We can handle specific situations much better as answers to new questions than by saying "it's a duplicate of...". Sometimes it takes more ...
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How feasible is a generic question on average portion size?

I like the idea very much, had even thought of starting such a canonical question a few weeks ago when we saw the last such question. I find this type of question problematic for us. The way it ...
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How feasible is a question on keeping produce fresh?

This sounds to me like there would be too many combinations of produce, temperatures, humidity requirements, container types, ventilation, and even proximity to other produce to have one, big ...
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Are our food safety canonical questions being used well?

It's possible that there need to be more specific 'generic' questions, rather than shoving everything at the 'food left out' answer Dealing with frozen food that's been left out (what temperature was ...
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Are our food safety canonical questions being used well?

In many "left out too long" cases, the underlying question is "is the food concerned a perishable food to which the 2/4 hour rule applies?". I often see that such questions are instantly marked ...
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Are our food safety canonical questions being used well?

I agree with the approach we currently take as in the "left food out" example in the question. There are many different circumstances where food is left in the danger zone too long and I think the ...
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Which countries are acceptable sources for food safety standards to reference?

My general understanding is that part of why we close so many "is this thing I left on the counter/in the car/crock pot didn't turn on still safe to eat" as a dupe is that we can not be liable for ...
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Do we want to answer evaporated/condensed milk substitutions individually or close as a duplicate?

I don't think that editing the old one is realistic. It's just too much of a change to get high-ranking answers to include what's in the new one. It's not just the sweetened vs unsweetened condensed ...
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