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AFAIK, all of the blog admins (rumtscho, Jefromi, and myself) can still approve posts, accounts, etc... So the best bet would be for whoever wants to write something to bug one of us on chat.


I am preparing an article about a blind taste test I am conducting to determine the importance of letting a compound butter "rest" before serving. Spun off from the following: Will flavors marry in compound butter if given sufficient time to rest?


When we did the blog before, we set a really high bar for content—so much so that planning, cooking, writing, photographing, editing, and finally publishing an article produced some nice content, but it took forever. Many, many hours from several people were invested in each post. It proved unsustainable; the blog died. But its still there, set up, ready ...


Found it! According to a note in Call for participation: Cooking blog If you are a new contributor, you need an account for writing posts. To get an account, 1) post here what you are working on and 2) contact the blog admins at to get an invitation. Please provide an e-mail address to which your account will be registered, and ...

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