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Do we wish to be part of the 1-rep-voting test?

You have probably seen the featured Meta.SE post: Stack Exchange is piloting a new rule, where there are no reputation barriers before newly registered users can vote. They are calling for volunteer ...
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Why do downvoting lower my reputation?

What is the reasoning behind downvoting lowering the voters reputation? Isn't this supposed to be a helpful action?
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Is there any way to remove a vote?

I popped into a question today was trying to give something an up vote but I clicked on the wrong reponse so I tried to take it away but instead of taking it away it gave it a down vote which really ...
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How Should An Active Member of Our Community Respond to Placeholder Answers

Since there is a significant amount of discussion in the comments on this answer that relate to our community, I thought it might be interesting to have a meta discussion about similar answers. If an ...
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