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We need to make our tags consistant by picking a country's terminology to use for them

After the success of my query about the chili-peppers tag and how to improve it, I'd like to try another tag clean-up but this one's a little bit bigger. In fact, this one already has 2010 and 2011 ...
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Tag Cleanup - Chilli/Chili/Chiles, Pepper/Peppers/Peppercorn

Ok, there's a really old meta conversation (August 2010) that's sort of about this here: Chilli, Chili or Chile? When asking my question here I said I wasn't sure what tags I should use. But it ...
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How can I create a tag for [X]?

I have an idea for a new tag that is so mind-blowingly important and brilliant that every passing second without it fills me with unfathomable, suicidal sorrow. What can I do to add this wellspring ...