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We need to make our tags consistant by picking a country's terminology to use for them

After the success of my query about the chili-peppers tag and how to improve it, I'd like to try another tag clean-up but this one's a little bit bigger. In fact, this one already has 2010 and 2011 ...
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Wiki for [nutrition] tag

Given our discussion of nutrition related questions, I have written a wiki for the tag. Since this is a complex area, I invite everyone to review.
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Calling all information junkies: Help with tag wikis!

During the Pastry Question Challenge, it came to our attention that different people have different ideas about what qualifies as a "pastry". Normally, one would look to the tag wiki for pastry to see ...
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What are the guidelines for a good tag wiki?

With the update to the tagging feature, tag wikis have really come front and center. What are the guidelines for editing them? What info should go in there? What are some good examples of existing tag ...
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Should we accept tag wikis/edits that are copied from Wikipedia?

Now that tag wikis are, for better or for worse, a prominent part of the tags page, we're starting to see the occasional edit or proposed edit. Sometimes these edits are original, other times they're ...
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