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Shorter links to questions

I noticed that I can use as a link to a question rather than the longer Is ...
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"Votes remaining" when closing

I went to vote to close this thread, and saw at the bottom of the "why close" box that it says 12 votes remaining. I couldn't really find any info about that number in the FAQ or by searching meta, ...
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Related Tags - How is this list determined?

On the right side of the page, when you are looking at questions, there's a list of related tags. What determines that a tag is related? It doesn't seem to be a compilation of the tags for the visible ...
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Community wiki? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is Community Wiki? I see "community wiki" mentioned, and I gather it is the place we put questions that are interesting but are more polls or lists rather than those that ...
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Site Statistics: What exactly does views/day mean?

Pardon this question from a non-techie. Does "views per day" indicate total views or views per user? For example, if I check in 5 times during a day is that considered 5 views or just 1 since the ...
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Tag merge request: [food-preservation] [storage-lifetime] [storage-method] into [food-storage]

The following tags all mean fundamentally the same thing: [food-preservation] [storage-lifetime] [storage-method] The most popular is [storage-method], but it's also the least general. I'd like to ...
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Please zap the meta-tags and dependent tags

I'm starting to see an alarming trend of what I feel is a major misuse of the tags. To recap what I've said in the past, tags exist for two reasons: To help other members determine whether or not a ...
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Why do [closed] questions still show up?

I just noticed that a question that was closed yesterday was responded to today, thereby bumping it to the top. Is that normal? I don't recall seeing this on SO, but I could be mistaken.
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