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Do we wish to be part of the 1-rep-voting test?

You have probably seen the featured Meta.SE post: Stack Exchange is piloting a new rule, where there are no reputation barriers before newly registered users can vote. They are calling for volunteer ...
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Policy on ChatGPT generated posts

A new Internet phenomenon has reached our own corner of the Stack Exchange network. Today, we had for the first time an answer which we suspect has been generated by ChatGPT. The network has been ...
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People behavior : newcomer answer destroyed because it's not a comment, but he can't wrote comment on other posts because he has 1 reputation point

A newcommer helped us on a post on SeasonnedAdvice : A strange cooker or fait-tout or... what can it be?. Because it was is first post on StackExchange, he wasn't able to post a comment with 1 ...
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Can 10K+ users summarily delete posts flagged as "offensive" or "spam"?

I'm just curious because it relates to another question I have. If 10K users have that privilege, does it really make sense to restrict that privilege to the 13 users here that have attained 10K? Or ...
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Why require rep points to enter chat?

For the third [Edit: OOPS, my bad, fifth] time in three months I got caught up in a conversation tonight with a newbie cook trying to understand why something didn't work. For lack of a better way to ...
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"Move Discussion to Chat" and 1 rep users

I would be happy to move a certain comment discussion with a new member to chat as suggested by the auto message—but that question asker has one 1 rep. She wouldn't even be able to comment ...
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Why do downvoting lower my reputation?

What is the reasoning behind downvoting lowering the voters reputation? Isn't this supposed to be a helpful action?
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How does show total of up and down votes work?

I have over 1000 reputation which means that I should be able to "Show total up and down vote counts"... I'm not sure exactly how this works. I know for example my recent answer has at least 1 down ...
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What happened to my reputation points?

Yesterday I noticed that my reputation had decreased from 210 to 132. What could have caused this? I checked my activity and didn't see a decrease in any of the data.
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2 votes
3 answers

How do we check our status on badges?

On badges like 'sportsmanship' (upvoting 100 competing answers), how do we go about checking our status on these things? I partially assume these statuses are hidden by design to keep people from just ...
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Should some people have a louder voice in a community like this?

This may have been discussed previously, but my google fu isn't strong enough if it has been. The rather frustrating meta conversation about why this site sucks got me thinking about this. I guess ...
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