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Should "what can I add to X" questions be closed by default?

We've had a few of these questions recently which are now closed. The latest one, which is actually one of our oldest questions but just resurfaced, was about mayonnaise, and - this is no surprise to ...
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When is it appropriate to answer your own question?

Eeek, I'm getting a suggestion that this is "subjective and likely to be closed." I apologize if this is the wrong type of question, but since it's a "I'm a beginner, what's the etiquette" question, I ...
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Is asking to identify a food from a picture on-topic?

Here on the Black Sea in Romania people are eating a shellfish called in Romanian "rapane" which they translate as "oyster". But they are elongated spiral shells which to me look nothing like the ...
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Should a question about cookies tagged with both "cookies" and "biscuits"? [duplicate]

If a question is about cookies, is it correct to tag it with cookies and biscuits?
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Aren't questions about keeping something in the refrigerator that don't specify for how long too generic to be answered?

Are questions like "Is it safe to keep [X] in the refrigerator?" too generic to be answered? For example, see ...
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