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Activity page tab selector font stays dark when active on Meta

The active tab in the profile page has a dark box around it and the font switches to white to allow reading the tab. However, the second set of tabs doesn't change font color and they're illegible. It ...
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1 answer

Are we keeping the old profile page?

I've noticed this is one of my few sites that's still using the "old" profile page. Is that by design or has the change just not happened yet? In case you're seeking opinions, I prefer it over the new ...
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2 votes
1 answer

In the profile, hyperlinks to Questions are double underlined

Instead of using single underlines, question titles show double underlines when hovering them in the profile: Apparently because the .question-hyperlink:hover has an extra: border-bottom-color: #666;...
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Borken Button [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: The button to copy the account in other SE sites is not correctly rendered Yo @Jin! I was editing my profile and came across this. I checked IE8 and Chrome (Win and Mac) ...
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