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Ways of nudging a misplaced sub-question into its own post?

Example: User "Samir Patel"'s first question as a new user today. Deleted as it should have been since it was attached as an answer to another question, however it would have made a very answerable ...
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Why are people here messing with my posts? (linkable subanswers) [duplicate]

I am a new user, and posted a few things. Some were well received, but sometimes I got a nasty surprise. People here downvote, or close my questions, when I see nothing wrong with my posts. I feel ...
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Why are people here messing with my posts?

When I came here, I posted some questions and answers in good faith. Now others are interacting with what I posted in negative ways - downvoting, editing things out, telling me something was off topic,...
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Thunderpants & Smartypants are they the same?

User Thunderpants has one answer today. One question above (see screenshot) is Smartypants who has no activity (?). My guess is that Smartypants answered a question and it was deleted by peer review. ...
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Our newb orientation sucks, how do we improve it?

Our site offers some good information, but it can be confusing for new users. It has a different structure than traditional discussion forums. It happens frequently that a new user finds the site, has ...
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I just discovered the site and want to say something. What should I do?

I am glad that you want to participate. You are certainly welcome. But I want to point out that there are some rules you may find strange at first, especially if you are only accustomed to discussion ...
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