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Considering leaving Stack Exchange

I've been considering writing about this for a while, particularly as I haven't seen any discussion on this particular community about the larger goings-on at SE and Meta. I had heard various ...
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New top bar UI has serious deficiencies

The new UI that just appeared at the top has several serious deficiencies. The most important are is that the links to [meta] and [chat] are gone. It is now almost impossible for new users to ...
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4 votes
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"parent" seems a little ambiguous

I was just asking the question "I wonder if it would be useful having a link from meta SA to SA at the top." I didn't realise that "parent" was up there and meant the regular SA site. 'parent' in ...
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Do we need a "How does this site work?" Meta/FAQ overview?

Our community appears - from my rough unscientific observations - to be growing. This is great! As we grow, I wonder if we'll want to have a single place on Meta to refer new users that covers not ...
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