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Any better name for this platform?

I've just joined this platform. Cooking is my passion. Loving the chef's hat logo, it's related to the subject but not very keen on the word 'Seasoned' and noticed the word 'cooking' had to be in ...
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What is the translation tag for?

Recently, there was a user with multiple questions on translation, for instance this question. In my opinion, it was off-topic and I commented that. He or she replied 'what is the translation tag for ...
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Internationalisation / Adding to a CW post

There's the question What cookbooks do you always come back to? to which I feel I could add an answer. Two questions though: I'm not a native speaker, so the book I'd add would be in german. Would ...
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Tag policy for regionally-ambiguous food names?

A previous question came up on meta about "cookies" vs. "biscuits" - one which I answered but was ultimately unsatisfied even with my own answer. It occurred to me today (and I'm actually surprised ...
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How should we refer to foods with regional names of questionable accuracy?

A specific, recent example of this is the following question: What is the name of the middle eastern salad containing Tomato and Cucumber? In it, the accepted answer states that it is called an ...
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Chilli, Chili or Chile?

When asking my question here I said I wasn't sure what tags I should use. I then found my use of the word "chillis" renamed to "chiles" by someone. To me (British FYI), "chile&...
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How should we cope with internationalisation issues?

I asked a question , because I'd search for "kohl rabi" which is what the ingredient is called over here, and not found anything. I suspect there are hundreds of differences in ingredient names (what ...
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Questions about cooking terms / vocabulary.

Right now, I have a community wiki question on the main (non-meta) site regarding language differences between english dialects There's a few comments to take it to meta, a pointer to the glossary (...
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