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For a mod other user was rude. I objected but now my post is gone. Why is my post unable to be edited without peer review?

Why is my post not listed under my questions? Why can’t I delete it? I tried to put this in meta, but the site won't let me ask a question there. I was NOT permitted to add a comment to any post ...
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3 answers

What drives many users to be overly concerned about safety?

I am surprised by the number and contents of question concerning food safety. Please do not take this as an assertion about non existence of microbic contamination or to ridiculize anything / anyone. ...
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Which stack website do I ask questions about agriculture or farming homegrown food advice

I started growing my pineapple plant crown from a dole pineapple that I bought at the grocery store 3 months ago. It is growing bigger and healthy everyday that goes by.
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Is there a stackexchange site for healthy or poisoning food questions?

I just joined Seasoned Advice, I read the tour and it states: Don't ask about... [...] General health, diet, and nutritional topics (e.g. "Is cauliflower healthy?") Well, bummer, I got a question ...
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5 answers

Pregnancy (and other conditions relevant to food safety) and closing questions

I'm curious about the close vote for this question. I absolutely understand why the question is bad as it was posed: we cannot know why this particular woman made a particular request. However, I'm ...
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1 answer

Which countries are acceptable sources for food safety standards to reference?

Food safety standards of countries differ slightly: For example, some know a strict 2h rule, others a 2h/4h immediate rule. Some assume 4°C refrigeration, others 8°C. Some ingredients are considered ...
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1 answer

Should we have a canonical answer on "partial cooking then reheat" type questions?

With the recent appearance of this question, it makes me wonder whether we should have a canonical question/answer somewhere on this type of question, i.e,. "I want to partially/fully cook my food in ...
5 votes
0 answers

Food safety questions without acute consequences

A few months ago I happened upon this question, dealing with the safety of using hot tap water for food preparation. Since this primary goal of this site is food preparation and this is a common ...
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2 answers

Isn't this dangerous?

So, I just saw an answer that has some questionable advice. It's been there for a couple months; I'm pretty surprised that no one has said anything or downvoted it (esp. given how careful people seem ...
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3 answers

The Egg safety problem

In the food safety wiki question we recommend not keeping eggs at room temperature for more than 2-hours. Eggs can sweat at room temperature and promote salmonella growth (which appears on the shell ...
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2 answers

Are questions about kitchen safety on topic?

I'll admit, this is spurred by the fact that I burned my hand yesterday while cooking. But there are common cooking situations that relate to kitchen safety -- dealing with burns and cuts, how to ...
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Where should I ask about sodium bicarbonate as a cleaning agent?

I can't find an authoritative answer to the question @rumtscho asked me here about the concentration of sodium bicarbonate. I've seen just about any combination you can think of: With just enough ...
16 votes
7 answers

Is it safe to eat X that has been left at Y for Z amount of time?

Perhaps it's just me, but I've been seeing more and more questions recently that fit this template: "Is it safe to eat X that has been left at Y for Z amount of time?" I think it's a perfectly good ...
10 votes
4 answers

Are food safety questions a liability?

There's been a number of questions of the "is this safe to eat?" variety. I admit, I replied to the one on cheese, but I'm starting to think that these may have liability issues -- if someone says it'...