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Did I do what Cascabel advised me to (maybe I didn't understand correctly what did she advise me to do)?

Did I do what Cascabel advised me to (maybe I didn't understand correctly what did she advise me to do)? On their second comment she wrote If standard, safe methods of cooking from some authority is ...
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2 answers

Flag helpful but obsolete comments?

Moderators and other well-meaning users often comment if they think a post can be improved. If the poster then takes the advice and makes the suggested edit, is it appropriate for the poster to then ...
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1 answer

How much science happens on this site

I'm trying to gauge what the ratio of "in my experience, _____" and "According to _____, ________" is on this site. For example, rpg.stackexchange bans "in my experience, ______" answers. Food ...
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Proper way to "fix" closed question

I messed up asking my first question on Seasoned Advice, which was rightfully put "on-hold" as off-topic. For reference: Can I use oil in marinades for dehydrated mushrooms? I think I fixed it, but ...
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3 answers

What is appropriate edit etiquette?

What are the cases when it is considered appropriate to edit someone else's question or answer? Specifically, I think there's a significant safety risk in the question about scallop preparation. I ...
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Why all the down-voting?

I'm a new member, and I've noticed that a number of questions (which seem fine to me, and apparently also to others who answer them) get down-voted. Then an answer I gave about frying potatoes got ...
8 votes
4 answers

How do we guide new users who post off topic stuff?

The Stack Exchange philosophy is not a particularly common model of online community (yet). I think it's really cool and have been following it since SO was conceived, but it's not obvious how it ...
16 votes
3 answers

Is it acceptable to glean questions from other cooking sites?

I've noticed that AtillaNYC has been copying questions from other cooking sites verbatim. Is this acceptable and/or encouraged? Edit by Dinah: My original question is above except that I did not ...
5 votes
3 answers

What are the grounds to accept an answer?

What's a good basis to accept an answer? The clearest one is "I tried that, and it worked." Sometimes, you see an answer that is well sourced (USDA, McGee, etc) and that you can also understand, and ...
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2 answers

Where can I read about the spirit of this site?

On the drive home yesterday I listened to a podcast where Jeff Atwood described the then incipient Area 51 and what Q&A sites are all about. That explained a lot I had not understood about the ...
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2 answers

should i update with results?

So I've tried a recipe suggestion that I got from this site. 2 or 3 people have asked if I've done it yet. It turned out a great success and I have good pictures. Is it appropriate to share the ...
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2 answers

Questions with multiple excellent answers

This question is the exact opposite of the one found here: What do I do about a question with several partial answers? I asked a question and all the answers were enlightening and well worded. If I ...
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3 answers

Should I break up or group distinct questions on a single topic?

I have 3 distinct questions about a dish I made last night: What's the chemical process behind the dish? A specific question about my recipe: ingredient quantities and cooking time Are there any ...
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2 answers

What are the tools for?

I don't come from the stackflow community and I have noticed that some of the etiquette and use patterns from that site have transfered over. Is there a question in one of the many meta sites that ...
10 votes
5 answers

Are questions that are easily answered with Google appropriate for the site?

I just answered the question "Buttermilk Substitute?". Typing the question in to Google turned up pages and pages of detailed discussion about what to substitute for buttermilk. Do these "easy" ...
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1 answer

Appropriate close etiquette?

I voted to close this question, as it is a call for recipe swapping, which we have in our faq as off-topic: What should our FAQ contain? I'd like to know if I was appropriate in my comments. I said: ...
4 votes
2 answers

When is it appropriate to answer your own question?

Eeek, I'm getting a suggestion that this is "subjective and likely to be closed." I apologize if this is the wrong type of question, but since it's a "I'm a beginner, what's the etiquette" question, I ...