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Combine all the comments add up to an answer?

thick, crunchy, fluffy corn flakes breading I'd like to consolidate the comments into one answer, but only a couple of the comments are mine. Would it be appropriate to use the wiki option for this?
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Let's FAQ it - or Wiki

There are some recurring questions about basic cooking skills, like this one. This question was closed and Aaronut provided a number of related questions. So, why don't we put a generic 'cooking ...
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2 answers

Does flagging for "community wiki" still make sense?

I have just flagged ideas-for-a-sweet-pizza even after reading what-is-community-wiki here and found that we can't create CW anymore. What should we do with questions like that? If it's not CW it ...
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What is Community Wiki?

Sometimes I see questions or answers marked as "Community Wiki", or comments from other members saying that something should be Community Wiki. What does this mean, and how/when I should I be using ...
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One 'Item' Per Answer Policy

I don't usually go over to the meta side of things. but I was surprised at the comment my comment got. And when talking about comments on comments, meta seems to be the place to go. I understand that ...
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Shouldn't these questions be community wiki?

Which food writers do you take to bed? Seems to me that neither of these questions could have a "right" answer. Isn't that the ...
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I Voted to close this question. Do you agree? I voted to close despite it's CW status because it was too chit-chatty. I think CW only indicates that there may be many right ...
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