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Closing for "nutrition or health"--where is the boundary?

There is a close vote in progress for this question: What kinds of milk are low in carbs? While obviously, we explicitly have health and nutrition questions as off topic, this one doesn't mention ...
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Why is "what is a sub for parsley" ok but "what goes with green tea" not?

Possible Duplicate: What's the point of I find it useless so far. See Also: What's the difference between these two "list of X" questions This question has been ...
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5 votes
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"What should i cook" type questions

Yesterday, this question was asked: How can I create a varied (or at least tasty) menu for a 12 day hike whilst using as few ingredients as possible? It was closed by a moderator, with the comment: ...
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Should this "recipe" question have been closed/deleted?

I just want to put it out there - even though I'm firmly in the camp of recipe-swapping being off-topic, that doesn't mean we immediately need to close every question with the word recipe. The ...
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To close or not to close: Eating chicken bones and chicken bone soup?

Regarding: I am torn--on the one hand, we allow food safety questions. On the other, whether chicken ...
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Should we lean more heavily to editing questions vs. closing them?

In the parsley/tea thread, we've been having an active and interesting discussion about whether certain questions are on topic or off, and whether they have objective or subjective answers. I wanted ...
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