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Is the site over moderated (closing)?

I posed a question about the Soufflé technique and flagged it as such. This was my first question on cooking.stackexchange and the response (it was closed) is very de-motivating. The comment I got was ...
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My question was closed! What should I do?

Help! My question was closed, what should I do?!
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Why are hangovers off-topic?

This question asking for details of the biological/chemical causes of hangovers, and what causes variations in their severity, was closed as off-topic, with it being deemed a health question. What ...
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How should mods handle obviously off-topic questions?

Sometimes we get really blatantly off-topic questions, particularly in the recipe request category. Think of things like "how do I make good X?" with absolutely no detail, no starting recipe,...
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Clarification about recipe requests - why wasn't this post closed?

I'm confused about why this question wasn't closed as it seems to violate the recipe request policy. How do you make paneer? The accepted answer is a recipe which you could find using a google ...
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how to reopen a post closed as duplicate to a canonical

I've asked a question about food storage-lifetime: for how long can I store homemade chocolate mousse in the fridge? initially I wrote My chocolate mousse recipe includes just raw eggs (2 weeks until ...
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Close - Duplicate, when more recent question is more useful

Came across this in the review queue: Can I freeze cream? It was VTC - Duplicate of Can I freeze bagna cauda (cream)? Now, both these questions are rather simple, but they do have pretty specific ...
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Proper way to "fix" closed question

I messed up asking my first question on Seasoned Advice, which was rightfully put "on-hold" as off-topic. For reference: Can I use oil in marinades for dehydrated mushrooms? I think I fixed it, but ...
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Why was this ingredient subsitution question closed?

This is a meta discussion about the closure of this question. It was closed as "primarily opinion-based," but I think this is the question to be asked and answered in order to make an informed ...
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Why was this question closed?

Why is this question considered ok: How do you care for your knives? Yet this isn't, and was closed: Cutting boards: What are some general tips on purchasing and using a cutting board? I would ...
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Cholula recipe request

I don't agree that this question should have been closed: Yes it's a recipe request- however I thought that asking about recipe reproduction was ...
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What makes this off-topic?

Sorry, but I'm new to Seasoned Advice, so please be a bit nicer. I answered a question which seems like an on-topic question, and I recently found out that it got closed as off-topic. The reason I ...
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Why was this question about Neapolitan pizza ingredients closed?

I recently asked a question about Neapolitan pizza ingredients: What toppings can be added when cooking a traditional Neapolitan pizza?. I had a lengthy discussion with a mod in the comments, who was ...
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Why was my question on toxicity of chicken bones closed? [duplicate]

I recently asked a question on toxicity of chicken bones, if I should continue using them, eating them or making chicken bone soup. But it was closed as irrelevant.
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I've followed the rules, I've even edited but still put on hold - what gives?

So, I followed the rules, I even edited. But still the 'powers that be', even one of them stated clearly that they have 'special powers', have, in their wisdom put me on hold! They don't like my ...
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