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How can I talk in chat without talking?

I posted this here because my Meta Stack Exchange account is also suspended. I already miss being in Code Golf that I'm currently in their main room, and what I want to do is to send messages in chat, ...
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1 answer

Where did the chat room shortcuts go?

Can't find the links to chat anymore. Where did they go? Used to have it on the side bar but now it's gone and I have no idea where to go to find it. This site seems to have a lot of problems!
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1 answer

New top bar UI has serious deficiencies

The new UI that just appeared at the top has several serious deficiencies. The most important are is that the links to [meta] and [chat] are gone. It is now almost impossible for new users to ...
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0 answers

"Move Discussion to Chat" and 1 rep users

I would be happy to move a certain comment discussion with a new member to chat as suggested by the auto message—but that question asker has one 1 rep. She wouldn't even be able to comment ...
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1 answer

I can't talk in chat

When I want to say anything in the cooking chat room, I type some words and press enter. Normally, my message is presented in chat, like it should be. However, since a couple of days, this isn't the ...
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2 answers

Would you participate in a chat event? What topics for that event would be appealing to you?

After discussing the idea of a chat event...with some of the active users of Seasoned Advice's chat room, I propose that we try it out this week or next week. Firstly, this is an opportunity for ...
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2 answers

Inappropriate moderator comments in chat

I asked a poll question knowing it would be closed. The moderators that closed it were sympathetic (thanks). But there was some offensive talk in the chat I can't let pass. I flagged it, but without ...
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1 answer

Instructions for chat room owners

Some days ago, I was surprised by a message that I am the new chat room owner of The frying pan. Nobody, not even the moderators here, knew why, or what I am supposed to do with that, or what ...
8 votes
2 answers

Is there a community chat room?

Is there any way to chat with moderators or other members of the community?