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7 votes
1 answer

Do we want to answer individual "how much alcohol is left in this dish" questions?

We have an old question Cooking away alcohol that gives general knowledge about the evaporation rates of alcohol. The answers there are quite extensive. We also get, every now and then, new ...
2 votes
1 answer

Which countries are acceptable sources for food safety standards to reference?

Food safety standards of countries differ slightly: For example, some know a strict 2h rule, others a 2h/4h immediate rule. Some assume 4°C refrigeration, others 8°C. Some ingredients are considered ...
1 vote
1 answer

Do we want to answer evaporated/condensed milk substitutions individually or close as a duplicate?

We have an old, well-voted question about the general substitution situation between condensed milk and evaporated milk: Is sweetened condensed milk a substitute for evaporated milk? We also get ...
4 votes
5 answers

Are our food safety canonical questions being used well?

We get a lot of questions of the form "I left food out for some period of time, is it safe?" and generally close them as a duplicate of a canonical question with a comment about how it applies. The ...
6 votes
1 answer

How feasible is a generic question on average portion size?

Every time we get a question about "how much X should I make for N people?" we go through the same dance with clarifications: what's the full menu? what kind of people are you serving to? Then we tend ...
2 votes
1 answer

How feasible is a question on keeping produce fresh?

We have some great answers that serve as general lists on food safety, how long things last in the refrigerator, etc. Would it be a good idea to have one on how best to keep produce fresh? For example:...