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(Discontinued) Weekly Topic Contest! Ask great questions, enter to win a prize

This weekly topic contest has been discontinued. Thank you all for your participation. The basic idea of a Topic of the Week contest is to increase the content we have about hot and/or ...
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Should "general reference" questions be asked and answered here?

For some background on the broader topic, see: Are questions that are easily answered with Google appropriate for the site? This is essentially a smaller subset of that. I want to state for the ...
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Are questions that are easily answered with Google appropriate for the site?

I just answered the question "Buttermilk Substitute?". Typing the question in to Google turned up pages and pages of detailed discussion about what to substitute for buttermilk. Do these "easy" ...
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When is it appropriate to answer your own question?

Eeek, I'm getting a suggestion that this is "subjective and likely to be closed." I apologize if this is the wrong type of question, but since it's a "I'm a beginner, what's the etiquette" question, I ...
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Would a question regarding making homemade pet (kitten/cat) food be considered off-topic?

After recently acquiring a kitten and buying kitten food, I looked at the ingredients and was pretty grossed out at what it actually listed. Would I be able to ask a question pertaining to how to ...
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2 answers

What should I do if a question has no answers?

Is there anything that can be done to bring a question back to the top when it has received no answers?
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Aren't questions about keeping something in the refrigerator that don't specify for how long too generic to be answered?

Are questions like "Is it safe to keep [X] in the refrigerator?" too generic to be answered? For example, see ...
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Why all the down-voting?

I'm a new member, and I've noticed that a number of questions (which seem fine to me, and apparently also to others who answer them) get down-voted. Then an answer I gave about frying potatoes got ...
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