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3 answers

Policy on ChatGPT generated posts

A new Internet phenomenon has reached our own corner of the Stack Exchange network. Today, we had for the first time an answer which we suspect has been generated by ChatGPT. The network has been ...
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1 answer

How feasible is a generic question on average portion size?

Every time we get a question about "how much X should I make for N people?" we go through the same dance with clarifications: what's the full menu? what kind of people are you serving to? Then we tend ...
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1 answer

What sources are considered authoritative, on "Seasoned Advice"?

Which sources are considered authoritative, for questions asked on Seasoned Advice?
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4 votes
1 answer

What should I do if I decide my upvoted answer is wrong?

I've answered a couple of questions about smoking recently. In one of the other answers, there's a pretty compelling argument against my answer. I haven't changed my mind just yet, but I definitely ...
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4 answers

How Should An Active Member of Our Community Respond to Placeholder Answers

Since there is a significant amount of discussion in the comments on this answer that relate to our community, I thought it might be interesting to have a meta discussion about similar answers. If an ...
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Contest: Create Canonical Answers (Ended) [closed]

We want to encourage definitive, authoritative, canonical answers and -- recognizing that those are a serious time and effort investment to produce -- reward your efforts with public recognition and a ...
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