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How feasible is a generic question on average portion size?

Every time we get a question about "how much X should I make for N people?" we go through the same dance with clarifications: what's the full menu? what kind of people are you serving to? Then we tend ...
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What sources are considered authoritative, on "Seasoned Advice"?

Which sources are considered authoritative, for questions asked on Seasoned Advice?
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What should I do if I decide my upvoted answer is wrong?

I've answered a couple of questions about smoking recently. In one of the other answers, there's a pretty compelling argument against my answer. I haven't changed my mind just yet, but I definitely ...
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How Should An Active Member of Our Community Respond to Placeholder Answers

Since there is a significant amount of discussion in the comments on this answer that relate to our community, I thought it might be interesting to have a meta discussion about similar answers. If an ...
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Contest: Create Canonical Answers (Ended) [closed]

We want to encourage definitive, authoritative, canonical answers and -- recognizing that those are a serious time and effort investment to produce -- reward your efforts with public recognition and a ...
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