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Do we want to answer individual "how much alcohol is left in this dish" questions?

We have an old question Cooking away alcohol that gives general knowledge about the evaporation rates of alcohol. The answers there are quite extensive. We also get, every now and then, new ...
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Could cocktail preparing questions be asked in cooking? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are questions on alcohol beverages allowed? The alcohol and bar-tending site is pretty far from coming to a beta, (please commit!
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Why are questions about making wine/mead/beer deleted?

It seems like the process of making wine and similar is about using food ingredients to make a food product. Are questions about this subject disallowed for some other reason(s)?
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Are questions on alcohol beverages allowed?

Is it allowed to ask questions on: wine (eg. does red wine suits to chicken?) vodka (eg. how to make herbal liqueur from vodka?) beer (eg. what kind of beer is best for Beer Can Chicken - I know its ...
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