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Do we want to unpin the accepted answer from the top?

Stack Overflow has changed the way the answers are sorted: We no longer pin the accepted answer (with the green checkmark) to the top of the list of answers. By default, we now sort strictly by votes ...
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What to do with dangerous wrong answer other than commenting?

Some of you might have seen this question coming. I am referring to the Boil an egg in the microwave shell-on question. I have no issue with wrong answers except when it is one with potentially ...
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Sauce canning question - concerned that answer accepted as the way to do it when not intended as such

Sauce canning question I am now concerned that an explanation about why an oven cannot be used for canning was misconstrued by the OP as a formula to do canning, especially when I quoted the ...
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Should it be possible to accept an answer on an on-hold question?

I just noticed an answer I wrote to a question before it was put on hold: was accepted. That seems odd. Should it be possible to accept an answer on ...
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What are the grounds to accept an answer?

What's a good basis to accept an answer? The clearest one is "I tried that, and it worked." Sometimes, you see an answer that is well sourced (USDA, McGee, etc) and that you can also understand, and ...
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