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What types of recipe questions are allowed?

I'm confused by the distinction being made between "recipe swapping" and "recipe comprehension/improvement/repairs". Why are some recipe questions allowed but not others? Aren't they all about ...
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Where do we draw the line on culinary uses questions?

Long ago, we decided that recipe requests were considered off topic as they are not objective, do not promote "expert" answers, and are highly susceptible to "me too" answers. However, there is a ...
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Is this an off-topic "what to make with X" question?

This question: Bananas - too many - so how can I preserve them? currently has some close votes, as an off-topic "What can I do with [ingredient]?" question. It does indeed ask for things to make with ...
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Proposal to end the recipe and subjectivity debates

Food and Cooking SE has only existed for 65 days, but they've been contentious days. Every SE site has problems working out just how much subjectivity will be tolerated and where the on-topic/off-...
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"Uses of X" questions - are they just recipe swaps in disguise?

EDIT: There is an FAQ question based on the results of this discussion. I just came across the Chocolate Peppers question and have been trying to figure out what to make of it. I can see how this ...
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Closed by the FAQ, but mostly good qulaity answers anyway. What to do?

What to do with day-old cooked rice? is a closed question as it is a "no answer" question It survived long enough to get 9 answers, most of which are good answers. The voting seems to just indicate ...
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Why is "leftovers" a tag-synonym for "culinary-uses" if the description for culinary uses explicitly says it's not for leftovers?

DO NOT use for everyday ingredients, leftovers, etc - this is off topic. First (and only) tag that comes up if you type in "leftov."
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What is the current practice on "how to use" or "what do with" questions?

According to one of our older meta questions, somtimes "how do I use" or "what do I do with" are on topic, when the ingredient is rare or special. Can I ask about how to use a specific ingredient? (...
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Text for a closing reason for culinary uses questions

We have used two of our three slots for reasons for closing questions as off topic. We hadn't thought of any special reason back when the list was made for the first time, but I have the feeling ...
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Should "what can I add to X" questions be closed by default?

We've had a few of these questions recently which are now closed. The latest one, which is actually one of our oldest questions but just resurfaced, was about mayonnaise, and - this is no surprise to ...
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Increasing participation by relaxing question requirements

I love the idea of a cooking Stack Overflow, but this place is kind of a ghost town. I've been lurking for awhile, participating a bit, and not seeing any improvement. At the same time, it seems like ...
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Why would this be considered a recipe request?

What is an elegant way to serve whole duck livers? I'm really not understanding how this question was voted to close. A recipe request is "How do I make XXXX?" This question is clearly asking for ...
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Tag Wikis -- Tags that need clarification.

The new user page led me to contemplate our tag pages. In looking them over, I found a number of tags that could use some explanation of when to use which one. Rather than starting the individual ...
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What are some good pre-canned close comments for new users?

New users often don't understand some of the quirks of our community and ask questions or provide answers that get closed or deleted because they don't adhere to our site standards and / or community ...
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Scope - valid questions

Cooking moderators are diligent about managing scope / valid questions. I am not questioning current scope. May I ask if that was the scope going into beta or during beta did you find the need to ...
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