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What should our FAQ contain?

Since this is one of the 7 Essential Meta Questions of Every Beta... What should go in our FAQ? Most of the FAQ is boilerplate, but we need to determine the on-topic and off-topic subjects that go ...
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Create a "recipes" meta site

So we have fairly strong support for the idea that recipe requests (AKA "recipe-swapping" questions) should be out of scope for the main site. I'd prefer not to rehash the rationale; for anyone who's ...
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Restaurant mimicry questions allowed?

This is somewhat related to 'Should “I need a recipe for X?” questions be off-topic?'. The idea is, if I really like dish/sauce/etc at restaurant Y - is a question asking - 'what is the recipe for [...
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Asking beginner-level questions

I'm pretty much a beginner when it comes to cooking but I'd really like to learn more, and having lots of experience with stackoverflow, a cooking exchange piques my interest. However, from reading ...
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One rule for each user

After a while I got time to visit this site again. I'm surprised there is a lot of questions about food and cooking being closed. I saw this question asking how to make a beef and it got closed as ...
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Are recipe requests ok if they are fundamental enough?

Some recipes seem to be so fundamental that there is an objective answer. For instance, How do I make a risotto base, How do I make caramel, What are the basics of a soufflé? This question about ...
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Proposal to end the recipe and subjectivity debates

Food and Cooking SE has only existed for 65 days, but they've been contentious days. Every SE site has problems working out just how much subjectivity will be tolerated and where the on-topic/off-...
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Something strange and is the scope of the site to narrow?

First up, I don't understand why people closed How to make Salad Olivier? [closed] A how to question, yet allowed: How to make large clear ice cubes How do you make General Tso’s chicken as ...
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What kind of "how to use ingredient X" questions are appropriate?

This is in regard to a question I just posted: Recommended cooking uses for applejack? . It's a "how can I use ingredient X" question, which I imagine we'll see a lot of. It's an area of perennial ...
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Why is recipe swapping a bad thing?

I've gathered that swapping recipes might not fit with the remit of the site. Is this true, and if so why?
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Why was this question closed?

Why is this question considered ok: How do you care for your knives? Yet this isn't, and was closed: Cutting boards: What are some general tips on purchasing and using a cutting board? I would ...
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At what point are questions too subjective on a cooking site - aren't recipes and advice on types of foods subjective?

Of course my question on organic foods was closed as being too subjective, despite there being studies quoted in answers. There are plenty of objective materials out there which people would be able ...
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Shouldn't these questions be community wiki?

Which food writers do you take to bed? Seems to me that neither of these questions could have a "right" answer. Isn't that the ...
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