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Are questions on alcohol beverages allowed?

Is it allowed to ask questions on: wine (eg. does red wine suits to chicken?) vodka (eg. how to make herbal liqueur from vodka?) beer (eg. what kind of beer is best for Beer Can Chicken - I know its ...
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Should "I need a recipe for X?" questions be off-topic?

First discussed when the site was proposed: What's a good recipe for <insert some dish>? I believe that allowing recipe exchanges in a professional Q&A site would be a huge mistake. The "low-...
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Create a "recipes" meta site

So we have fairly strong support for the idea that recipe requests (AKA "recipe-swapping" questions) should be out of scope for the main site. I'd prefer not to rehash the rationale; for anyone who's ...
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Are questions about equipment off topic?

There have been a few questions about knives, and these seem on topic but a question about an ice cream maker part, is this on or off topic? and for what reason?
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Restaurant mimicry questions allowed?

This is somewhat related to 'Should “I need a recipe for X?” questions be off-topic?'. The idea is, if I really like dish/sauce/etc at restaurant Y - is a question asking - 'what is the recipe for [...
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Asking beginner-level questions

I'm pretty much a beginner when it comes to cooking but I'd really like to learn more, and having lots of experience with stackoverflow, a cooking exchange piques my interest. However, from reading ...
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Are questions about kitchen safety on topic?

I'll admit, this is spurred by the fact that I burned my hand yesterday while cooking. But there are common cooking situations that relate to kitchen safety -- dealing with burns and cuts, how to ...
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What's the point of I find it useless so far. [closed]

I asked this question. hobodave called it a 'getting to know you' question and suggests that cooking....
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Are "How do I store x" type questions off topic?

There are a few questions cropping up about "how do I store x" or "how long can I keep x before it goes off" and whilst I think food preservation is interesting, I tend to think that these are off ...
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Difference between "health" and "nutrition" tags.

Re: Does microwaving destroy nutrients in food? I wasn't sure if I should add the health tag to this question or not. Nutrition, obviously, fits the bill here. However, I'm not sure how the health ...
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What are the guidelines for questions about nutrition / nutritional content?

The FAQ states that 'General health and diet issue (e.g. "Is cauliflower healthy?")' questions are off-topic. This answer backs that up. This question (Google's cache for non-10K folks) about ...
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resturant's kitchen administration (e.g. scheduling) questions ?

I was wondering if questions about a restaurant's kitchen management are on-topic or not. example: how can I prepare this faster ? can you suggest a better menu to reduce waste ? How can I ...
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Should this "recipe" question have been closed/deleted?

I just want to put it out there - even though I'm firmly in the camp of recipe-swapping being off-topic, that doesn't mean we immediately need to close every question with the word recipe. The ...
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Proposed FAQ - let's start the list

I didn't see this started elsewhere, so I thought I would give it a shot. Perhaps while it's being worked out, not yet posted as the official FAQ, we can even point people to this meta post. That ...
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Get the FAQ up, please.

Today I told a user to please read the FAQ to understand why recipe questions were off-topic. He did. He said it didn't help. He's right. One of my biggest issues with the current state of things ...
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