Is it my imagination or could you Start a Bounty on someone else's question? I've finally found a question that I'm willing to give some rep to, but I cannot find the link.

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There is a "start a bounty" link displayed on eligible questions. The criteria for bounties, listed in the FAQ, are as follows:

  • Questions must be at least 2 days old to be eligible for a bounty.
  • Users must have at least 75 reputation to offer a bounty.
  • There can only be 1 active bounty per question and per user at any given time.
  • Once initiated, the bounty period lasts 7 days.
  • After starting a bounty, you must wait 1 day before awarding it.
  • If you do not award your bounty within 7 days, the highest voted answer created after the bounty started with at least 2 upvotes will be awarded half the bounty amount.

Your question is probably not meeting the first criteria. Without knowing the question though, I can't tell you for sure.

In case it's not clear, the start bounty link is shown here at the bottom, just below the add comment link :

enter image description here

  • Thanks! The question isn't old enough cooking.stackexchange.com/questions/11977/…
    – user194
    Commented Feb 9, 2011 at 16:06
  • Am I mis-reading, or was the bounty i put up on Russian Chili never awarded to Cold Oatmeal? I don't think i got a +100 refund or anything like that, but the question doesn't seem to indicate (maybe a browser issue; im on IE 7 at work) a +100 bounty for him (I let the 7 day auto-award do its thing since i had an answer in there).
    – mfg
    Commented Apr 26, 2011 at 14:50

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