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Are questions about food presentation and table setting on- or off- topic?

This question refers to Tine's Arrow with regard to forks which was just asked on Seasoned Advice.

I knew I'd seen a similar question before but couldn't place it; finally I remembered that it was part of our Area 51 definition phase, as one of the highest-voted off-topic examples.

But, that was before the whole serving hubbub here that arose as a result of discussions on whether or not questions on subjects like presentation and beverage pairing were on topic (we decided that they were). Table-setting was listed as a "meh" topic - no strong feelings one way or the other.

Well, it's come up, so time to decide: Is it on topic? Why or why not?


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This has come up on meta a few times before:

Are questions about food presentation and table setting on- or off- topic?

Are we about serving, or just cooking/food preparation?

Place settings are not food, and are not really involved in the preparation of food. This seems clearly off-topic to me.

  • Good sleuthing; and shame on me for missing such an obvious duplicate.
    – Aaronut
    Dec 10, 2010 at 4:59

Personally, I like the idea of "food experience" and the question seems okay by me. I could see having a policy where you carefully weed out all but extremely non-duplicate questions, and only as part of a larger scene of culinary couture. Random questions about how you should do placesettings at home would be silly. But, in the professional context, I liked the tone of this question.

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