I'm having issues flagging questions. I've tried doing this twice before, and I'm not sure it worked either time. I don't think it worked because it never showed up in Tools - Flagged and I did not receive the Citizen Patrol badge. To test this, I flagged a post by hobodave for moderator attention a few minutes ago (sorry, hobodave). But I don't see this showing up either. Did the moderators receive the flag? In all three cases, I received the message that implied the flag had succeeded (some message like "Thanks, we'll look in to it.")

What's going on?

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  • Interesting. I've flagged many questions (for CW), and never received Citizen Patrol. I also haven't ever seen it in Tools - Flagged, but they've all been dealt with. – justkt Sep 20 '10 at 19:02

Your flags are working fine. When you flag something for moderator attention it is visible to moderators only. The Tools section only shows things flagged as Spam or Offensive, additionally I don't believe it shows your own flags. The Citizen Patrol badge is only given for flagging something as offensive or spam.

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