I recently posted an answer to a new question. Shortly thereafter, a moderator deleted my answer and left a helpful comment correctly pointing out that I misinterpreted the question. I wanted to thank the moderator (rumtscho), but there was no way to post further comments on a deleted answer, even if it is your own (which is kinda too bad).

What is the best way to thank a moderator?

P.S. Thanks rumtscho! I did, indeed, initially misunderstand that question!

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This kind of interaction on a personal/social level would best happen in chat. (Provided you have the required reputation - and you do, just mentioning it for other users.)

Our mod team is usually pingable, if not some other mod will happily use their super-ping ability to ensure the message reaches the addressee.

In a pinch, I admit I have used the comment function elsewhere to ping a specific user, and while that’s technically an abuse of the comment function, we mods will look the other way if it happens rarely and the comments get deleted again after a short while.

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