I recently posted here on meta asking for us to consider why we down vote questions. I can't find it. Was it removed? Can I ask why? If, in fact, it was removed with no explanation, it sort of reinforces the point I was making about discouraging questions.

  • Huh. I don’t see it either.
    – Preston
    May 14, 2022 at 13:55

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Apparently, my mod powers allow me to see it. I found it, and it is indeed deleted.

enter image description here

Since the deleter is given as "Community bot", your question must have triggered some rule and have been deleted automatically. I don't know the details of these rules, they are probably available somewhere on Meta.Stackexchange. But I suppose that the combination of a negative score and no answers might have been the trigger.

It is questionable whether that is a good trigger for our Meta, where downvotes do not denote bad quality, but simple disagreement, and people are not very active in answering. But I haven't heard of a way to opt out of such a feature - although to be fair, I haven't actively looked out for it either.

I will undelete now and we can see if it disappears again - hopefully, the system will be smart enough to know that a manually undeleted question should not be targeted by automated cleanup.

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