I asked this question and got it closed.

Let X and Y are two substances. Is it off-topic to ask whether X and Y are nutritionally different or not.

The answer can be either yes or no. I am not asking for further details.

I got the following feedback

Questions on nutrition or requests for medical advice are off-topic here; you should contact a qualified medical professional instead.

Is my question closed solely based on the reason that I am asking whether they are nutritionally different or not?

If I change my question like In which aspect both X and Y are different then does it become on-topic?

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If you ask about the differences, answers about the “nutritional benefits” - as phrased in your original question - would be off topic (as are questions, as you learned earlier).

They properties from a cook’s perspective would be on topic, e.g. different pungency due to different average content of mustard oils. Once the question (or answer) debates the health effects, it becomes off topic.

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