There was an answer on this question but user removed it for some reasons (asking too many questions in comments and finally changing the question significantly).

I didn't find anything wrong in the answer. Almost all doubts were cleared but 1 or 2 doubts were still pending in my mind. That's when things went bad.

I understand when someone makes a lot of effort and spends time on composing an answer, it obviously is bad to edit question significantly.

But if you see my side, I also did research before asking question. It wasn't just another simple question. Added sufficient details. And when I realized the question wasn't specific (it still might not be on topic or rude or bad), I edited it make it more specific.

But when the user said that it's considered bad form, comments, it made me wonder I made a mistake by editing that question. And hence my response to defend myself from that user was indeed rude.

So did I do bad by editing this question here? Should I had asked a new question instead?

Are these both ways okay to lower the flame in these types of gas stoves?


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