Why Must marinate squid with Five Spices before cooking? closed as Requests for recipe recommendations are off-topic; everyone has their own favorites. However, if you have a recipe already you can ask for help improving it - just be specific about what you want

I'm not requesting recipe recommendation. I already have recipe that requires Five Spices. I want know how apply and improve this recipe?

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  • I think you're right, but that the question could use some editing. I promise to at least edit it enough to reopen as soon as I have the time. Someone else might very well come along and beat me to it. – Jolenealaska Jul 4 at 23:31
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    I think there's maybe a communication issue here? From that question, it doesn't look like you have a recipe. You just have the name of a dish you want to make, and you seem to be asking for instructions to make it - and that's asking for a recipe. That said, if you actually mostly know how to make it and you're just asking about one or two specific steps, that's fine. Just explain your plans first, so it's clear that your specific questions aren't part of asking for the entire recipe. – Cascabel Jul 5 at 2:24
  • You may have noticed that this post was closed by the community - which means at least five higher-rep users see it as a recipe request. As it stands, it has too much of “I want to make X” and too little of “I have a recipe and know how to do steps A-D, but there’s a specific detail that’s unclear or needs improvement”. And what you already know should be in the question, not somewhere hidden behind a link. – Stephie Jul 5 at 10:51
  • @Stephie thanks OK. I added a recipe. – вы́игрыш Jul 5 at 21:26

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