I don't think How do I determine if my knife must be honed and/or sharpened? duplicates How to test that a knife is sharp enough??

In the former, I'm asking when to use a honing steel vs. a whetstone/electronic sharpener.

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Personally, when reading both questions back-to-back I can see why people would mark your question as a duplicate because you can infer the answer to your question from "How to test that a knife is sharp enough?" pretty easily. This inference, and learning could be done (and really should) as part of your preliminary research as per here.

While, there are differences to the questions - there really aren't enough to justify a whole new question. Combine that with the plethora of resources online about knives, knife care & maintenance and basic techniques. I can see why you got the result you did.

And if rumstcho added a comment about being a "possible duplicate" I would've up voted it for the reasons I stated, as I don't have the privileged to do it myself yet.

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