Should I store root vegetables with or without the dirt?

Somehow I got a -1 on this. Didn't even know that was possible. AFAIK it's all +10 +15, -2 What's the deal? Not unhappy or anything, I would just like to know what the trigger was so I can put a stop to it.

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Please see the help page on reputation:

Users have to give up one of their own rep points when they downvote a post.

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    OK. I do vaguely remember that. Don't remember downvoting anyone recently, but I may have. Thanks, Stephie. – Wayfaring Stranger Dec 6 '18 at 6:44
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    @WayfaringStranger we cannot check for you, but you can see your own voting history on your user profile - there are tabs for answers, questions, tags, etc., and the last one is votes. – rumtscho Dec 6 '18 at 9:23

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