As an outsider, I wanted to gauge whether career questions are on-topic here (due to an off-topic question asked on a site I moderate). Turns out they aren’t. However, before I found that, I stumbled across the tag, which seems to be a Meta tag and not applied consistently.

You may want to consider getting rid of it.

Related: What tags relate specifically to professional restaurant issues?

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  • Professional is not limited to career. For example a professional kitchen. – paparazzo Jun 11 '18 at 12:47
  • @paparazzo: Sure, but it does not seem to be applied consistently either and also goes against the linked meta discussion. – Wrzlprmft Jun 11 '18 at 19:47
  • Just wanted to chime in with a shout out to reddit.com/r/chefit for industry and career discussion. @Wrzlprmft – Preston Jul 30 '19 at 4:38

The consistent theme that I see in all of these questions is that most seem to be asking what professionals do in commercial kitchen settings. I can see the argument for how this falls under the category of "dependent tags", but to a degree I think it's useful for questions about specific commercial practices. Our site is about cooking in general, and specific terminology or processes in certain contexts are both within our scope and a specialized area of knowledge that someone could use a tag to helpfully locate.

The related tag https://cooking.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/restaurant has a couple good questions in line with what I mean here. For example, we've got a couple language-related questions for menu terminology and equipment found or identified in commercial restaurant operations, and here's one about a specific griddle-based technique observed in a restaurant setting (which presumably the OP might want to replicate at home). Here's one very specifically about walk-in organization - something that applies almost exclusively to commercial kitchen operations.

So - there appear to be some useful and valid uses of the tag(s). There are also questions tagged that are off-topic for the site and closed as such, including questions about career advice.

However, neither "restaurant" nor "professional" are terribly descriptive, so instead I propose that we create a brand new tag: "professional-practices" or something similar. (I propose that we avoid using "restaurant-practices" so that it can more broadly apply to bakeries and other commercial operations.) This tag should include a good meta description noting that it's intended for questions about practices in commercial cooking environments - but also not for specific off-topic things like career advice.

We can then re-tag "good" questions under the existing tags to this new one, remove the older tags to depreciate them, and/or set the old tags up as synonyms to the new one to help guide users when tagging new questions.

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