As per the help-center under what category does the question What is the difference between milk (simple) and milk drink? come under?


  • Cooking & food preparation methods
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Food handling and storage
  • Ingredient selection and use
  • Recipe comprehension, improvement, and repairs

I was a bit doubtful but found similar question so posted it anyways.

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"Ingredient selection and use" is intended to cover things like this; the differences between two versions of an ingredient are part of how you select it.

It's hard to be that concise without leaving it a little ambiguous, but the idea is that we take questions about ingredients in a culinary context, for example:

  • how to select an ingredient (ripe fruit, fresh vegetables)
  • about attributes of an ingredient (descriptions or differences)
  • how to prepare an ingredient (peeling, basic cooking techniques)

But you can't ask about things outside culinary topics, for example:

  • how to grow an ingredient, though there is Gardening for that
  • how to eat an ingredient
  • health/nutrition of an ingredient

(these lists are not meant to be exhaustive either)

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