I edited in some images to an old answer by bikeboy389 Are there significant differences between different zesters?. I ended up making them "m" sized although I first tried to make them "s". They are not earth-shattering images, and there are 3 of them. "S" was fine for the first one, cropped the second one in a way I could live with, and ruined the third one.

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Is there an easy way deal with this?

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  • I'm a bit unclear on the "m" and "s" sizes? I thought imgur kept the uploaded size but when being displayed the maximum width is limited to about 630px but they seem a lot narrower. Doing the same thing I'd normally pick a reasonable size for the first one and then crop/resize on my PC so the others looked OK at the same image size. – PeterJ Mar 9 '15 at 12:18
  • @PeterJ in this case all of the images were of the item on Amazon. I just added "s" just before .jpg. Since that cropped the images poorly, I changed to "m.jpg" That's the only way I know how to do it. – Jolenealaska Mar 9 '15 at 22:26

According to the Imgur API documentation the s suffix actually means "small square" not "small thumbnail". This means the image is cropped to fit into a small square. You probably want to use the t suffix which only resizes the image.

Here's the complete documentation on suffixes:

There are 6 total thumbnails that an image can be resized to. Each one is accessable by appending a single character suffix to the end of the image id, and before the file extension. The thumbnails are:

Thumbnail Suffix  Thumbnail Name   Thumbnail Size  Keeps Image Proportions 
s                 Small Square     90x90           No 
b                 Big Square       160x160         No 
t                 Small Thumbnail  160x160         Yes 
m                 Medium Thumbnail 320x320         Yes 
l                 Large Thumbnail  640x640         Yes 
h                 Huge Thumbnail   1024x1024       Yes 

For example, the image located at http://i.imgur.com/12345.jpg has the Medium Thumbnail located at http://i.imgur.com/12345m.jpg

Here's what your second sample image looks like using the s, t and m suffixes:

Small Square Example Small Thumbnail Example Medium Thumbnail Example

If you want a different size than one of those listed above you can also use HTML directly in your post. For example if you wanted a really small thumbnail you could use this:

<img src="http://i.stack.imgur.com/vaKUB.jpg" height="20" />

To get this:

While this later method isn't as easy as just adding a suffix to the URL, it does have the advantage that people can view the full size image (as uploaded to Imgur) by right clicking on the thumbnail image.

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