I thought I remembered the existence of such a blog and I just realized it's linked in the fancy "new" header.

The latest post is well over a year old. Is there a process for submitting content for the blog or has it essentially been abandoned?

Excuse my ignorance. I searched meta and found nothing. I couldn't find any info on the blog itself or on blogoverflow.com

Reading through the blog tag, I've found some planning threads including Question ideas for our blog, What blog post are you working on?, and Scope of a hypothetical blog

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Found it! According to a note in Call for participation: Cooking blog

If you are a new contributor, you need an account for writing posts. To get an account, 1) post here what you are working on and 2) contact the blog admins at [email protected] to get an invitation.

Please provide an e-mail address to which your account will be registered, and your cooking.stackexchange account name.

That passage was added at the end of April 2012.

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